Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thesis Defense

  • I wonder why theirs a lot of Computer Students who shifted to the other courses and they didn't enroll again the course that they have chosen after a year of being a computer student. Some student shifted to other courses and some also had stop. The one reason i heard is "the thesis is very difficult, lots of pressure when the defense are scheduled and they are afraid to fail because of difficulties that they will be encounter in fourth year". The following reason was not new to me. I heard this also from my friends who are now enrolled from different courses. Those discouraging words had deprived my confidence and the cause of discouragement from my part when I become a fourth year students. But instead of giving up I treated this as one of the challenges that I need to experience in order to gain knowledge and to be more matured.

When we begin our thesis or project proposal I admitted it from myself that it was the most difficult part in my studies. We need to spend more time just to gather data to the company/institution where we conducted a study and project proposal. We did some observation from their company about their flow of processes and management. It was very difficult for us as a student to balance and adjust our time just to conduct some interviews to the management of the company and to do some computer works on time. We need to double our time just to submit our documentation on time. It gave hassle to our part because of some conflict schedules from the groups and the difficulties that we encountered every time we conducted a study and every time we do our documentation. It gives also a reason to have a conflict between the leader and members and the cause of misunderstanding between the groups. There's a time that i do not know what I'm going to do and where i going to stand from myself if there's a time that there's a conflict and misunderstanding in my group. We also suffer financially and we sacrifice lots of things just to pass in our thesis. We are very thankful that our leader had a computer and we didn't spent money too much in the Internet cafe just to research and do some computer works.

In order to submit our documentation on time, we did some works overnight and we sacrifice a lot not to sleep on time. But the most embarrassing moment was during our defense because all the things we've done are not yet enough and we did not pass to defend our project proposal. We failed to defend our project proposal to one of the panelist who gave the result of “re defense” as his final decision. We are disappointed that time especially after we saw the comments of the panelist, and it seems that we did not know what we are doing in front of them. I was hurt because of their comments about the way we present. We tried our best to present successfully and defend our project proposal but it did not passed to the panel. After that happened, we as a group unite and we look for the solution in the problems and we tried to study the areas that we failed. We are happy that even we experienced lots of difficulties we are still here facing the obstacle and still fighting. Were blessed that we still continuing our studies despite of difficulties and problems that we encountered in thesis and we become more confident, more patience and more matured in facing those trials. Because we know that it is not a hindrance to finish our studies and to succeed.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Captivating Capiz "The Beauty of Roxas City"

The City of Roxas, once known as the municipality of Capiz is the capital of the province of Capiz. Roxas city is composed of fourty seven (47) barangays of which eighten (18) are urban and twenty-nine are rural. The first appointed mayor was Lorenzo Acuña Arnaldo followed by Ramon Berjamin Blanco, Jose Dorado and Juliano Alovera Alba. In 1959, Lorenzo Acuña Arnaldo again became the head of the city as the first elected mayor. The next mayor was Teodoro Roxas Arcenas who was succeeded by Juliano Alovera Alba who was also the representative of the First District of Capiz at the House of Congress when Martial Law was declared. The incumbent mayor of Roxas City is Mayor Vicente B. Bermejo, who is the former governor of the province of Capiz. Roxas City is known us Seafoods Capital of the Philippines because it is one of the richest fishing grounds in the country. One municipality of capiz is Tapaz and it was located in the 3rd district of capiz.

Roxas City had been recognized and got an award for being cleanest and greenest city of Western Visayas in Gawad Pangulo sa kapaligiran or Cleanliness and Environmental contest. Many people from different cities have visited and stayed here for a vacation because of captivating beauty of the City. The clean and fresh air of Roxas City is one of the attraction for tourism who stayed here for their vacation and holiday. Roxas City is very peaceful and the people are very hospitable that you can spend your time without any hesitation to visit the beautiful places here like Baybay beach, Hotels, and Restaurants. The City of Roxas have lots of activities that can be proud of and it is celebrated every year. The Sinadya sa Halaran is celebrated every first week of December in commemoration of the founding of the city and it is followed by the Diwal festival which signifies the city as a "Seafoods Capital of the Philippines". Roxas City had been celebrated the Aswang festival that have got a big impact from the audience who witnessed that events especially from the community of Roxas City. There's alots of people who disagreed to have that as an tourist attraction because of some reason. some people said that this is not good for the tourism because this would be a reason for them to hesitate to visit here in roxas. But even in some issues come up from that event the roxas city still one of the best city among the city of western visayas who really admired by the people and tourism thats what we called the "Captivating Capiz".

One of the tourist attraction here in roxas city are the beautiful places such as Baybay beach resort and other beaches that attract to the people who visited here because of fresh air and kindly people around in the city. But the most people liked was the beautiful hotels and restaurants like Casa Felisa Hotel, Roxas President's Inn , Baia Norte Beach Club, Image Palace Hotel, San Antonio Resort Village that serves delicious and quality foods to their customer and the nice treatment among the employees that really admired by the tourism. As a residence of roxas city, I'm very proud that i lived in this place because it is a place where you can relax and feel comportable and safe in times of your vacation and trip.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Being a College Student and Working at the Same time

Being a College Student, financial issue is a big concern. Being a Student you spend your time in learning and there very little time if any to work. As Student, College days is the most vulnerable part when it comes in financial aspect. It needs a lots of adjustments especially when i decided to be a Working Student in School. When I entered in College, it was the happiest day in my life because I know from myself that I already overcome the challenges and trials during my High School days. But without my knowing, there will be more experiences, difficulties and obstacle that will going to encounter in order to pursue my college life. In my first year in College, I saw that my parents struggling to pursue my studies in College because my 3 brothers are also studying. Even though they didn't say anything about the problems financially but I knew from my heart that they suffer and they sacrifice everything just to send me in College especially when the examinations are scheduled. That was the time that I look for another options in order to help them in my tuition fees.

During the 2nd Semester in my First Year I heard and I saw my friend that he processed some papers for him to apply as a Working Student in our School. That was the time that I decided to apply, and I was thankful that I passed to be one of the of the Working Student and I was assigned at the Chaplains office. I was very happy that I may now have the chance to help my parents in pursuing my studies in College. In my first day as Working Assistant and a Student, I encountered some difficulties in the adjustments of my classes and work responsibility. There's a time that I cried because of some conflicts and adjustments from my classes and my duty. But I was grateful that my supervisor is very understanding and have lots of concerns for the students who less fortunate like me. I realized that being a College Student and working at the same time is not easy, you can encountered some difficulties that you may think that you will lost your hope and give up. But instead of thinking about this, I treated this as one of the challenges and trials that I'm going to pass in order to be successful.

As a College Student and Working at the same time is one way to show your ability to be an independent person, and one way to improve yourself in different aspects of life. Because of Work Study Program Organization of Filamer Christian College and the opportunities that they given, I can say that I may now matured enough to face the new challenges or incoming trials that I'm going to encounter in my daily lives. I proud in myself that I passed all those things, and I become more matured in doing some good things. I don't know what futures awaits me, but one thing for sure I'm willing to face what consequences will be, because i know that God is with me while I'm walking to a journey of success.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The domain name of a website is important in order to identify your site by the search engine. The domain name of a website must be closer to your primary keyword or title page because the google or search engine will rate your site if your doman name is relevant. Domain names must be closer to your page title because it will affect your page rank. it is very important to your site because the domain name is executed or check also by google search engine.
Domain names are becoming a very important part of are lives. In are business circles, work environments and personal lives. Just how important are they today? Well they are the name of your business. think of it like the old real estate and business (location, location, location). your domain name is your address or location on the internet. It also your name and identity. that means a bad name could cause people to come to your site and leave. or never come at all. maybe just because you have a good name you get traffic to your website from direct type-ins. you will also need a name that's very easy to remember. Trust is another issue if your an online business you will need a name if you ever want to make any sales. Subdomains just won't do. A domain name is also important for creating links to your site. it also make it easy for other webmasters to link up to you.